Download NexU

NexU relies on our XSS-Sig Module to support interoperability of electronic signature in Europe. See our solutions at

  • WITHOUT APPLET : the solution communicates with the smartcard through Javascript.
  • OPEN-SOURCE : anyone can use NexU and contribute to it. To access the open-source version, please follow this link: NexU GitHub project
  • POWERED BY DSS : based on SD-DSS, the EU reference implementation for electronic signature.

Pro version

NexU is also available in "pro" version. This version has many advantages over community version, among them, there is :

  • Support business hours (lvl 2, 24/7 option)
  • Installers for various target platforms of final customers (Windows 32 & 64 bits, Mac OS X installer (PKG))
  • Plugins to provide additional features (get identity information from smart card for e.g.) or improve user experience (automatically pick up certificate depending on business goal).
  • Installation in user profile (without requirement for administrative rights)
  • Multi-user support
  • Fully customizable (UX, branding)
  • Additional security : protection of the requests so that only your web server can interact with your branded version of NexU.
  • i18n : Multiple languages (currently EN, FR & NL)

To download our test of the commercial version of NexU, please follow the links below:

We hope you will appreciate the product.

Supported eID & smartcards

List of tested smartcard (test performed via our customers or the STORK pilot).

  • [Austria] ACOS 02, ACOS 01, A-Sign Premium (EPA), A-Sign Premium (MCA), e-card, e-Card G2, e-Card G2 Ref
  • [Belgium] e-Id, e-Id (BELPIC 2), e-Id (BELPIC 3), e-Id (BELPIC 4)
  • [Estonia] Dni, eId Card (1), eId Card (2), eId Card (3), eId Card (4), eId Card (4)
  • [Finland] E-ID Card, Post card
  • [France] eID (not available to general public yet)
  • [Germany] Deutscher Sparkassenverlag; Signtrust Card Deutsche Post
  • [Greece] card (DUAT), Ermis, Starkey 400 USB Token
  • [Iceland] Maestro Card, VISA Electron Card, Card (1)
  • [Italia] Carta Regionale dei Servizi Regione Lombardia, Carta Regionale dei Servizi Regione Lombardia (2), SISS, Banca d'italia / Aruba PEC, InfoCert, Misterio della difesa
  • [Latvia] National identity card
  • [Lithuania] E-ID Card
  • [Luxembourg] eID, LuxTrust, LuxTrust (new version), Luxtrust (MAC)
  • [Malta] Gemalto
  • [Netherlands] ESG, QuoVadis Orde van Advocaten
  • [Portugal] eId Card, Minsterio da Justica
  • [Romania] Alladin e-token (Digisign)
  • [Spain] DNI electronico (Spanish electronic ID card), FNMT, Izenpe card
  • [Sweden] E-ID Card
  • [Switzerland] Card (QuoVadis), Card (SwissSign)